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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I purchase a unit?

Circle J Fabrication has an extensive dealer network to serve our customers. If you do not have an authorized dealer close to your area you may contact us directly. Circle J Fabrication offers a 2000 square foot retail store at our manufacturing facility.

How do I receive my unit?

We highly recommend you purchase through a local dealer in your area. If one is not available Circle J Fabrication can ship our units via freight truck as far north as Canada. Most units will generally ship for around a dollar a pound and are delivered to the curb of the delivery destination. All units are securely fastened to a pallet with steel straps and wrapped with a protective plastic wrap to ensure a safe delivery. Once received and inspected by the customer you may simply remove the unit from the shipping pallet with a pair of tin snips and roll it to your area of use.

How do i assemble my unit?

Leave that to us. The majority of our Fire Pits and BBQ grills come fully assembled due to the fact of their solid welded construction.

How long have you been in business?

We have been building and shipping quality outdoor products across the country since early 2000s and have been working on a family-owned property since 1936. Circle J Fabrication puts countless hours into product development and testing prior to the release of any new product. If you would like to join our testing program, please contact our offices.

How thick is the metal?

The majority of our Circle J Fire Pits and BBQ smokers are manufactured from 3/16″ and 1/4″ plate. We use only new material and do all of our fabrication in our 20,000 square foot manufacturing facility Our products are built with quality in mind at a price that represents their craftsmanship. Please refer to product specific descriptions for thickness specifics on your desired unit.

How do I prepare my unit to cook?

All of our manufactured products have a thin coat of oil on them to preserve the cooking surface until first use. Prior to their first use it is necessary to clean off all cooking surfaces with soap and water. Please wash and wipe unit until it is clean from any and all debris. All cooking surfaces must be heated up prior to seasoning. We recommend a hot bed of coals for any new unit. Once the grill / cooking surface is hot enough please remove it from fire and apply a thin coat of cooking oil on the surface. This needs to be performed after every use. Please note that some Circle J Fabrication products have item specific instructions prior to use. Please refer to your product instructions for more detailed information.

What do I need to cook with?

Circle J Fabrication always recommends a 100% hardwood charcoal for cooking. Processed products can affect the taste of your food, and are generally more expensive than locally acquired seasoned wood. We have found that most Circle J Fire Pit units will consume less than 5 pounds of hardwood charcoal during a general grilling session. If you prefer to reduce fire wood to a bed of coals please be sure to remove or rotate the cooking surface until the unit is ready to cook on. Your precision cut CNC grill top is designed for cooking, and may warp slightly if left over a fire too long without cooking on it.

How do I clean my unit after use?

We recommend removing all loose debris from the cooking surface and applying a light coat of cooking oil over the grill surface. Please be sure that the grill surface is not over a heat source when applying oil. Once unit is cooled down and there is no longer any presence of active fire and or heat you need to empty out the ash. The ash must be removed and disposed of in a safe manner in accordance with local rules and regulations to your area of use. It is important for the life of the unit that you do not leave ash or debris of any type in the unit after use. This may damage the unit and reduce its life span.

How does your warranty process work?

Circle J Fabrication stands behind our quality craftsmanship. If you can burn a hole in it please let us replace or repair it for you. Our products are designed to last.